A quick run down

When it’s come to walking these past months, torpid has been my leitmotif.

But why?

Injury? No. Pressing social engagements? No.  Sudden new calling? Sort of.

I decided to run a marathon.

BD 1er marathon témoignage7 ceri meg1 (2)

The very talented artist, Eglantine Chesneau, was commissioned to illustrate the marathon stories of a dozen first time marathon runners and very kindly chose me. (http://eglantinechesneau.ultra-book.com/accueil)

So I ran and I ran and I ran.

I ran in the darkIMG_1529 (1) and I ran in the light,IMG_1658 (1) when the sun was coming upIMG_1913 (1) and when the sun was going down,IMG_1348 (1)


when the waters were risingIMG_2083 (2) and when the floods had subsided.IMG_2300 (2) I ran through a vicious hail storm, soaked to the skin with icy water, when the rough, narrow canalside path turned to slippery mudIMG_2224 (1) and I ran through the strong spring sunshine which burned my nose.

I ran with my wingwoman daughterIMG_1601 (1) and I ran alone,

through scenes of great beautyIMG_2297 (2) and some not so great.IMG_2238 (1) I ran alongside main roads and down ways I never knew existed IMG_2242 (2) and I ran across every bridge I could find in Bristol (and still missed a few).IMG_2748 (1)And then I pinned on my number IMG_3082 (2)and I was away.IMG_3088 (2)

13 thoughts on “A quick run down

  1. A perfect example of how to do it. One damned foot in front of the other at least three times a week. The cartoons are great. You deserve to feel proud of your effort and your achievement as they go hand-in-hand.

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      • Alas no. Although I did have a glass or two later. And to be honest the catering was a bit lacklustre on the way round – sultanas, bananas, pretzels, and dry gingerbread (I may have been focussing on the wrong thing here) but I’ve heard there’s a marathon through the vineyards in the Medoc (?) where local wines are on tap at the fuelling stations. By the end, I’d neither know nor care if I’d finished.

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      • I am sure water was the only thing you were interested in. I am very impressed. many years ago I started training for a half marathon (a car accident threw everything off course and I never really returned to long distnce running in the same way) but I remember how hard it was (and how boring) all those miles!!!! Congratulations that’s a real achievement.


    • Thank you. That’s a good question, Heyjude. I guess there are as many reasons as there are middle aged women browsing the Lycra leggings section in M&S. For me, never remotely sporty, it was a case of wanting to see if body and mind could do it. Before the circling age related incapacities that I see felling my friends close in.

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      • I couldn’t do it now. Maybe in my early fifties, but all sorts of niggles are annoying me now. Like you I was never sporty after leaving school, though I was then, but you just take your energy levels and mobility for granted when you are young. Will you do any more?


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