Unexpected inspiration

In my last post I mentioned that there was unexpectedly much about the Sharpness area that is both inspired and inspiring. I know you’ll shoot me if I mention the Victorians yet again but just before you do, take a look at the wonderfully decorative brickwork, not to mention the tiling on the roof of this dockside schoolroom.img_9045

And then avert your eyes from the hastily bricked up windows and take a look at what is going on in the gothic arch.img_9044

Here’s a view of another window – not a great picture but that end of the building is now a second hand car place and I thought if I went any closer I’d be talked into a second hand Toyota (got one already, thanks). Can you see that someone at some point has added an exuberant Gaudiesque mosaic to brighten up this corner of post industrial space?

And doesn’t this put you in mind of a giant game of PickaSticks?img_9053

Over the years I’ve had a great deal of fun experimenting with textiles without ever becoming remotely skilled myself. But this has brought me into contact with those who are massively talented and produce glorious pieces in fibre, thread, fabric, glass and all the rest. I began to wonder what they would do with the conjunctions of lines and colour above,IMG_9207.JPG

the reflections and the refractions in the waterways,img_9034

or the near monotone textures of the mudflats.IMG_9286.JPG

And just imagine what a fibre artist could do with the seaworn textures of this hulk.IMG_9133.JPG

It turned out that the response of one particular artist to this unusual scenery was close at hand. In St John’s Church, Purton, there are the most wonderful modern stained glass windows inspired by the landscape, its flora and fauna.

What’s more the glass artist, Kim Jarvis (www.kimjarvis.co.uk), generously provided an annotated copy of her sketches so that the birds, the grasses, even the tides and the hulks can all be found in the windows.

So delightful, so inspiring and so unexpected.




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